GCS society at UCL


The community is based on the UCL campus, and mostly invites UCL students to participate in related activities.

Upcoming Events

1)Two years of Hong Kong National Security Law: How China’s leadership is reshaping Hong Kong in its image ( Live stream) – 5.17.2022

2)Online talk with Dr Dic Lo – Politics in Pandemic – TBC

Past Events

Speaker events News Study Group

We were glad to invite Professor CJ Lim to give us an insightful talk on the topic of eco-city, in which he built up the vivid image of future smart-cities using aesthetic photographs along with his own experience involving projects in Shenzhen, China.
A chance to:
1)Improve ability to express opinions, and making friends
2)Daily news catch-up
3) Develop the habit of reading the news and practice expression & writing skills

See more: Video & Podcast
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