Committee Members 2022-23

Core Committee


Hello, I am Xin, currently doing economics at UCL. I enjoy doing arts, reading and sports in my spare time. This has been an extremely rewarding role. I believe that being a part of GCS can help to boost your confidence, gain new skills that will be invaluable for your study.

Vice President (Research & Marketing)

Hi there, my name is Amanda and I am currently a penultimate year student at UCL studying Arts and Sciences. With great interests in the social sciences and cultural interests in China, I am really looking forward to our activities and research projects this year at Global China Study.

Vice President (Research & Marketing)

Hi I’m Kecheng , I’m currently a first year Economics student at UCL. For my personal interest, I am a fan of grass tennis and Moto GP.


Vice President (External Relations)

Hello everyone. My name is Baran and I am becoming a first year this year in War studies finishing my foundation year. In my free time I like going to museums and reading about history.

External Relations

Hey all. I’m Matt, and I’m going into my second year of Anthropology at UCL. I’ve a great interest in culture & modern history, as well as computer science. In my spare time I enjoy play king video games, taking photos and going for long walks.

Hi, My name is Zhuolun. I completed the bachelor degree and master degree of criminal justice at Northeastern University and Boston University separately. Besides the major, I also took four minors in the social science department, which are Jewish studies, International affairs, political science, and economics. Currently, I am a graduate student at the program of project and enterprise management at UCL. With the plentiful intern experiences in business and government, and accumulations of insights in Chinese society and traditional Chinese culture, I believe I am able to provide useful suggestions for external relations and research.

Hey, I’m Yicheng, studying Philosophy as a first year at KCL. Apart from Philosophy, I am interested in gallery-going and road cycling. With enthusiasm, hope I can help to progress the valuable works of GCS by generating advice on social networking and event organizing.

Research Department

Research Analyst

My name is Ying Huang, also known as Kate. I am studying Interaction design arts at the University of the Arts London. Drawing figures, collecting accessories and playing badminton are my favourite things!


Research Analyst

My name is Yuhan Yan. I’m going into 2nd Year for Philosophy and Economics at Edinburgh University. I enjoy singing and studying History of Art.

Research Analys

My name is Zhishan Li(or Frank), and I am a first-year economics student at UCL. I am very passionate about the economic development of my home country, China, and I love to read books about economics, especially those that explain the Chinese economy and the field of poverty alleviation. I would also like to spend time letting more people know about the current economic development of China, and I hope to contribute to the development of my country in the future.

Research Analyst

My name is Haoyu Jin. I am currently studying Master’s in Philosophy of Education at UCL’s IOE. I am particularly interested in all things related to culture, psychology, and philosophy. I do enjoy conducting research and writing up on my thoughts and findings, but what I enjoy more is having intellectually stimulating conversations through which I could communicate my ideas with others and understand their perspectives, on a wide range of topics.

Research Analyst

Hello, my name is Julian Cao. I am a second-year student at King’s College London, majoring in Politics. I am a member of the GCS research team, and I hope we have a great time together!

Research Analyst

I’m Raychen Cao a first-year student at the University of Edinburgh. My major is Social policy and Economics. I have interested in Development Economics, Three Rural, and New Confucianism. I would like to learn more about Development Economics and participate in policy research.

Research Analyst

My name is Zihui Zhu and my major is Economics. I have an interest in the domestic economy and sustainable development. I expect to work with members on domestic and international economic research in post-epidemic periods and to contribute to the society’s activities during the year.

Research Analyst

Hi there! I am Bosco, currently doing my first year degree majoring in Economics at LSE. With great passion towards culture and sustainability, I endeavour to take the opportunity of participating in each GCS research project to enrich my knowledge in chinese culture, exploring its capabilities to embark on the business venture within the global ESG trend.

Events Department

Hi, I’m Izzy. I’m a third year Social Sciences student from the Social Research institute. I’m fascinated with public policy and social inequality topics. Very nice to meet you guys!

Hello, my name is Chengyang Wu. I am a first-year student studying Bsc Mathematics with Economics at UCL. I consider myself as a person who is keen on meeting and talking to people from various backgrounds. I believe that being a multicultural global citizen can not only broaden my knowledge but also help me better understand the world. My passion for playing sports, reading books and watching films can be my advantages for organising various events for the Event Department of the GCS. As an optimistic person, I often look at the bright side of the problem, which can be an important skill in team working.

Hey, I’m Xinlan. I am studying Economics at UCL. Collaborating with like-minded peers to achieve a shared goal is my favourite thing. I enjoy playing the cello, singing and painting in my spare time.

Marketing Department

My name is Dantong Luo and I come from a biological sciences major with a focus on human genetics. I have always been interested in economic development and social issues. I would also like to learn more about economics and participate in club activities.

My name is Yaozu Chen, but you can call me Joe if you want. I am currently studying politics and social policy, and my primary focus is east Asian studies. Government interventionism and welfare state policy have long piqued my curiosity. I’ll devote myself to increasing publicity and influence in Chinese-speaking areas.

Hello everyone! My name is Cara Qu and I’m doing my second year of Chemistry at UCL. In my spare time, I enjoy going swimming and watching movies. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone at upcoming activities and events.


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