We are a UK-based non-profit organisation established in 2022.

Our community is oriented to study and discover the challenges and opportunities that have emerged in China. We strive to provide an extracurricular academic forum for students and scholars to discuss economic and geopolitical topics pertaining to contemporary China.

Through collaborating with scholars, experts and official institutions, we would like to expose students to a multitude of perspectives, as well as help students acquire a deeper, fairer and more comprehensive understanding of China and its international position.


Our goal is to offer different perspectives on China to everyone, regardless of their location. In an increasingly globalised world, information about major economies, including China, has become more readily available. Nevertheless, certain newspapers selectively report inaccurate information on controversial issues to gain attention, contributing to prejudices against other nations. Our goal is to clarify such views by providing a platform on which those who are better informed about China can speak out on such issues. We believe this will lead to a more just and authentic voice.