China’s carbon emissions – History, status and outlook

Interviewer: Why did you choose to study climate change and sharing economy what’s so special about these two things? Dr Mi: My interest in climate change started in 2009 when the united nations climate change conference was here in Copenhagen. In that time, I realized that climate change is damaging our society and mitigating climateContinue reading “China’s carbon emissions – History, status and outlook”

Far From Home: China’s Political Economy and Travel Policies 

– – We are honored to invite Dr Ramesh, a current Lecturer(Teaching) at UCL and a Part-Time Tutor at the University of Oxford, to this interview. The emphasis of the interview will be on evaluating China’s Political Economy embraced by travel restrictions as well as its past and its future.  The last two years haveContinue reading “Far From Home: China’s Political Economy and Travel Policies “